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Skylands Manor Historic Site Overview

From its panoramic views to the beauty of its gardens, to its stunning Tudor architecture and stained-glass windows, Skylands Manor and the New Jersey State Botanical Gardens indulge the senses.

Architect John Russell Pope designed Skylands Manor in the late 1920s for Clarence McKenzie Lewis, a stockbroker and civil engineer. The English Jacobean architectural style was common in the English countryside 400 years ago, with the 44-room building constructed of native stone and half-timbers. The surrounding gardens are a culmination of two eras of landscape architecture under the direction of Francis Lynde Stetson, owner of the Skylands estate from 1891 to 1922.
Among Skylands Manor’s many interior attractions are a collection of antique stained-glass medallions set in leaded windows, including pieces from 16th century German, Bavarian, and Swiss sites. Metalwork artisan Samuel Yellin designed the wrought iron lanterns and lamps found throughout the Manor, along with the magnificent spiral staircase rail and gate.

For more details and program information, visit the official Friend’s group website SKYLANDS MANOR


Skylands Manor is leased by the State of NJ to Frungillo Caterers, which utilize the building for events and overnight stays. For those interested in learning more, please visit Frungillo Caterers website.

First floor of the building is ADA accessible. Paid professional and commercial photography require a permit. Please contact the park offices for more information. 973-962-2240.

Facilities for People with Disabilities
We encourage people with disabilities who require special considerations to contact the historic site / park at the phone number listed in the general information on the home page of the historic site / park. The staff will assist with arrangements. Text telephone (TT) users, please call the NJ Relay Services at (800) 852-7899.

For the Comfort and Enjoyment of All
This historic site / park is part of the NJ State Park system and your cooperation with the following will help ensure the survival of the museum collections, historic structures & features and surrounding property for the enjoyment and education of future generations!

  • Keep your historic site / park and surrounding property clean and green! Protect this site by taking your trash with you. Whatever you carry into the site, plan on carrying it out too. Bring a bag or two for trash, recycling and cleaning up after your pet. There are no trash receptacles at this site. Thank you!
  • No Smoking on NJ State Park Service Property. Pursuant to N.J.P.L.2005, c.383 (C.26:3D-56)
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at state historic sites [ N.J.A.C. 7:2-2.6]
  • The collection or removal of any object from State Park property is prohibited without written permission from the Superintendent.
  • Use of metal detecting devices on or unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) on or over the property is not permitted without a special use permit (SUP) from the State historic site / park.
  • Commercial photography is not permitted on the property without a special use permit (SUP) from the historic site / park.
  • Interior photography, videotaping or audio taping are not permitted in the historic structure / visitor center / museum, except by prior written permission and for educational purposes only.
  • Non-commercial photography is permitted on the property (outside), but please help preserve the historic site / park and any surrounding property by not attaching anything to, climbing or sitting on historic structures and features or disturbing any plants, wild or cultivated. Photography may not interfere with other visitors to the historic site / park or impede site operations.
  • Food and beverages; pets/animals, except for service animals, are not permitted in the historic structure / visitor center / museum.
  • Please refrain from touching objects/furnishings in and building components of historic structures and museums, except where invited to do so by staff.

Please contact this historic site / park with specific inquiries about any of these restrictions, as there may be some variations at this specific historic site / park.

Please help preserve this historic site and surrounding gardens by not climbing or sitting on historic features or entering garden beds and picking flowers.

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Phone Number

2 Morris Road
Ringwood, NJ 07456

Historic Site Hours

Grounds Hours 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tour Hours Select Sundays
Call 973-962-9534 for dates and times.

Park Fees

Skylands Entrance Fees




New Jersey Resident $5.00

Non-Resident $7.00





Skylands: Entrance fees are charged per vehicle from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.

Tours Fees
$7 for adults
$5 for seniors (62 years +)
$5 Youth (13-18)
$3 Children (6-12)
Children 5 and under free.
Additional programming & event fees may apply.

Other Related Fees
Map / Directions

GPS Coordinates
N 41.126950 W 74.23954