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Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Section

In order to ensure the safety of New Jersey residents, the State of New Jersey's Radiation Accident Response Act (N.J.S.A. 26:2D-37 et seq.) establishes requirements for protecting the public in the event of nuclear emergencies and for the preparation and implementation of a State Radiation Emergency Response Plan (RERP). The New Jersey RERP for nuclear power plants was jointly proposed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the New Jersey Division of State Police to coordinate and implement an immediate, comprehensive state, county and municipal response to a radiological emergency at a nuclear power plant affecting the State of New Jersey. The RERP identifies the DEP as the lead state agency for accident assessment during a nuclear incident, formulation of actions to protect the public, and control of food, water and milk. The DEP is the support agency for evacuation, sheltering and access control, for monitoring personnel responding to an emergency, and for decontamination.

The DEP's responsibilities are addressed by the Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Section (NEPS) of the Bureau of Nuclear Engineering (BNE). NEPS activities include developing and implementing training for all nuclear emergency response participants, planning for and initiating nuclear emergency response during exercises and nuclear emergency events, upkeep of response facilities, and development of procedures. Most importantly, the NEPS maintains highly trained staff drawn from throughout the DEP ready to initiate, at a moment's notice, an effective response to a nuclear power plant emergency affecting New Jersey.

New Jersey Nuclear Power Plants

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