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Main DRBC Phone: Call 609-883-9500


  Position Email Address Phone*
Steve Tambini - biography Executive Director 609-477-7200
Kristen Bowman Kavanagh - biography Deputy Executive Director 609-477-7221
Pam Bush - biography Commission Secretary and Assistant General Counsel 609-477-7203
Kevin Pregent Associate Counsel 609-477-7224
Kenneth Warren - biography General Counsel 484-383-4834
Donna Woolf Executive Assistant 609-477-7222
Finance and Administration
Elba Deck - biography Director, Finance and Administration
Patricia Hausler Senior Accounting/Benefits Specialist 609-477-7249
Amber Munchback Finance & Administration Specialist 609-477-7240
Patrick Rago Support Services Technician 609-477-7245
Lulin Zhong Finance/Accounting Manager 609-477-7211
Information Technology      
Michael Heller Information Technology Specialist 609-477-7241
Karen Reavy Information Specialist/GIS 609-477-7273
External Affairs and Communications
Elizabeth Brown - biography Director, External Affairs and Communications 609-477-7266
Avery Lentini Community Engagement Specialist 609-477-7206
Chris McCann Government Affairs Lead 609-477-7260
Kate Schmidt Communications Specialist 609-477-7205
Water Resource Management
Sarah Beganskas
Senior Water Resource Scientist 609-477-7237
Project Review       
David Kovach - biography Manager, Project Review 609-477-7264
Bob Damiani Senior Geologist 609-477-7303
Eric Engle Senior Geologist 609-477-7229
Alyssa Lutgen Water Resource Scientist 609-477-7251
Raveena K. Pachucki Water Resource Scientist 609-477-7293 
Water Resource Planning      
Chad Pindar - biography Manager, Water Resource Planning 609-477-7268
Shannon Norbert Water Resource Scientist 609-477-7244
Michael Thompson Senior Water Resource Engineer 609-477-7226
Water Resource Operations      
Amy Shallcross - biography Manager, Water Resource Operations 609-477-7232
Fanghui Chen Senior Water Resource Engineer 609-477-7225
Sara Sayed
Water Resource Scientist 609-477-7234
Science and Water Quality Management
Namsoo Suk - biography Director, Science and Water Quality Management 609-477-7305
Water Quality Assessment      
John Yagecic - biography Manager, Water Quality Assessment 609-477-7271
Jacob Bransky Senior Aquatic Biologist 609-477-7230
Jeremy Conkle Senior Chemist/Toxicologist 609-477-7252
Elaine Panuccio Water Resource Scientist 609-477-7307
Water Resource Modeling      
Thomas Amidon - biography Manager, Water Resource Modeling 609-477-7253
Li Zheng Senior Water Resource Modeler 609-477-7257
Vacant Water Resource Engineer/Scientist