One Process/One Permit Program: Project Status Page

This page has been established by the DRBC to assist applicants and the public in understanding the status of projects being approved under the One Process/One Permit Program (OPOP).

Signatory party agencies are required to notify DRBC at least monthly of applications received under the One Process/One Permit Program, allowing DRBC to maintain a listing on this page of all projects being administered pursuant to the program.

Currently, only the states of New Jersey and New York are in the program.

The OPOP Program relies upon Administrative Agreements (AAs) between DRBC and each state agency to identify what regulatory programs and which specific projects are eligible to be managed through a single process resulting in one decision or approval. 

Initially the AAs between DRBC and the states will cover the following regulatory programs:

  • DRBC water withdrawals and state water allocations/diversions programs (New Jersey)

  • DRBC wastewater discharges and state NPDES or water quality programs (New Jersey and New York)

Project applicants and the public must check with the appropriate state project lead if they have any questions about the status of a particular project.

Interested parties who wish to comment on draft permits will have to do so according to the procedures outlined by each state.

Each state agency has a public comment process for permit applications, and the public and interested stakeholders will have an opportunity to make comments within that process.

OPOP Project Status Matrix

The link below provides a list of New Jersey and New York projects (in MS Excel format) maintained by the DRBC that are undergoing or are expected to undergo coordinated review through the OPOP Program and associated AA between the DRBC and the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) or the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

The list is populated with information provided to DRBC by NJDEP or NYSDEC and includes projects for which the states have received an application for a new project or for modification or renewal of an existing state approval.

The list may be downloaded and saved, as well as sorted and/or filtered for specific information.

DRBC is providing this list to make the public aware of which projects in the Delaware River Basin are undergoing or will undergo coordinated review; as such, it contains only pertinent information regarding the state permit and the corresponding DRBC docket or other action by the DRBC. 

For more information regarding New Jersey projects:

For projects that are not covered under the OPOP Program or those that are not expected to undergo a coordinated review with the signatory party, DRBC will continue to issue public notices of applications received, draft dockets and hearing dates and will continue to take public comment, hold public hearings and approve, deny or postpone projects as is done now.


General questions should be addressed to David Kovach, Project Review Manager, at (609) 883-9500 ext. 264.

For questions on a specific New Jersey One Process/One Permit Project, please contact the state lead listed on the respective NJDEP report.