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The scope of work for the public health system is ever-expanding, and the Department is on the frontlines in leading the response to public health challenges.

The Department has three primary branches – Public Health Services, Health Systems, and Integrated Health. All work collaboratively toward improving health by strengthening New Jersey’s health system.

Our Mission

Protect the public’s health, promote healthy communities, and continue to improve the quality of health care in New Jersey.

Our Vision

Ensure that all New Jerseyans live long, healthy lives and reach their fullest potential.

Our Core Values

Strengthen New Jersey's health care infrastructure by adopting best practices, inspecting and monitoring health care facilities and services, and improving the delivery system;

Strive to eliminate disparities in access to health care, treatment and clinical outcomes

Deliver services that are inclusive and diverse and strengthen public health engagement through cultural humility and education;

Using data and metrics to drive decision making and provide information to the public;

Promote access to services through technology and innovative strategies;

Partner with community-based health care organizations and providers to promote wellness and activities related to the prevention of illness and the management of chronic diseases;

Strengthen the state's local public health system and improve the performance and practice of local health departments;

Engage stakeholders to strategically focus on evidence-based prevention and treatment programs.

Department Information

Acting Commissioner Baston headshot

Meet Commissioner Baston

The Commissioner, appointed by the Governor of New Jersey, plays a pivotal role in protecting and promoting the health and well-being of New Jerseyans as well as overseeing the state's health care system.

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NJDOH leadership from left to right: Deborah Hartel, Robin Ford, and Dr. Meg Fisher

NJDOH Leadership

Our leaders are dedicated public servants committed to ensuring the smooth operation of New Jersey's health care system.

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What We Do

We are responsible for keeping New Jerseyans healthy and safe.

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Offices and Programs

NJDOH has three main branches, 10 divisions, 10 offices, six commissions, and many offices and programs.

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We are a nationally accredited public health agency

That means achieving high standards for public health services, leadership, and accountability

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