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An Evaluation of Lead-Based Paint Abatement Clean-up and Clearance Methodologies

A study was conducted by the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH), through an agreement with the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to examine certain lead activities.  In this study, the NJDOH conducted an investigation of lead-based paint abatement clean-up work practices and clearance testing methodologies. The results of this study have been summarized in the Executive Summary or you can read the complete Final Report.

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Additional Resources
  • Lead Advisory Bulletin  If your home was built prior to 1978 and you are planning any renovation or remodeling activities, you should be aware of possible lead hazards which could be present.

  • The Potential Lead Exposure Mapping (PLEM) website provides a publicly available mapping tool to show potential sources of lead exposure. Currently the tool looks at lead-based paint in housing as a potential source, provides information on distribution of one and two-family rental units built prior to 1980, and details the applicable lead-based paint inspection methodology per the requirements of P.L.2021, c.182.  The tool can be used by local health officers, community groups and other members of the public to help identify potential environmental sources of a child’s lead exposure.


Last Reviewed: 7/19/2023