Environmental Health

Retail Food

The NJDOH Retail Food Project maintains N.J.A.C. 8:24, Sanitation in Retail Food Establishments, Food and Beverage Machines, and Cottage Food Operations.


Contacts for Retail Food Businesses
Type of Retail Food Business Contact
  • Restaurant
  • Temporary Retail Food (e.g. town days, carnival, farmers market)
  • Food Truck
  • Meal Prep
  • Shipping food by mail or courier
Your Local Health Department
  • Ice cream truck with a soft-serve ice cream machine onboard
NJDOH Frozen Desserts Project
  • Cottage Food (Home Baking)
NJDOH Cottage Food Project
  • Rest stop on the NJ Turnpike or Garden State Parkway
  • Food facilities operating on State property
NJDOH Retail Food Project

Rules and Guidance

Surveys, Posters, and Placards

Food Protection Manager Certification

The New Jersey Department of Health, Public Health and Food Protection Program, does not offer Food Protection Manager courses or programs. This office cannot provide status updates or copies of your Food Protection Manager certificate.

For more information about Food Protection Manager certification, to register for a course, or to inquire about individual courses or testing, contact any of the accredited programs listed below.

To inquire about your individual registration or to request a copy of your Food Protection Manager Certificate, contact the accredited organization with which you registered.

Only Food Protection Manager certificates issued by New Jersey accredited organizations are accepted. All New Jersey accredited organizations are listed below. Food Protection Manager certificates issued by any of the below accredited organizations are equally accepted as proof of credential.


Last Reviewed: 5/15/2024