Environmental Health

Bottled Water

  1. Complete all sections of the Initial Application for Certification to Sell Bottled Water or Bulk Water (F-5)

  2. The manufacturer must perform source and finished product laboratory analyses of the parameters (analytes) listed in the application, conducted by a NJ-certified water testing laboratory. The list of certified laboratories can be obtained from the NJDEP via their website or call (609) 292-5550. The lab analyses must have been conducted within the last 6 months of the date of application.

  3. The manufacturer must also provide a copy of the most recent inspection report (must be rated satisfactory) of the water source and bottling facility from the regulatory authority that governs bottled water in the facility’s jurisdiction.

  4. Attach labels for all brands, sizes, types of containers (e.g. plastic, glass) that are intended to be sold or distributed in NJ. NJ labeling requirements are the same as 21 CFR 165.110(a).

  5. Click Here to submit payment online. (checks and all credit cards are accepted) When your payment has processed, you will receive a confirmation number. Include your payment confirmation number with your application.

  6. Submit the initial application, payment confirmation, and all attachments together by mail as follows:

    US Postal Service

    NJ Department of Health
    Public Health & Food Protection
    Attn: Alan Talarsky
    P.O. Box 369
    Trenton, NJ 08625


    NJ Department of Health
    Public Health & Food Protection
    Attn: Alan Talarsky
    135 East State Street
    Trenton, NJ 08608


  1. Download and complete the Bottled or Bulk Water Certification Renewal (F-42) and the Analysis Supplemental

  2. Submit the application fee online. (checks and all credit cards accepted)
  3. After you are finished, you will receive a payment confirmation number. Keep this number for your application.

  4. Send your completed application, supplemental, required attachments, and payment confirmation number via email.
    • In the subject line, include: Bottled Water Renewal Application
    • Attach your completed application form and all required additional attachments (as specified on the application) directly to the email.
    • Include your payment confirmation number in the email.
    • Send your application email to: bottledwater@doh.nj.gov 


Last Reviewed: 7/21/2022