Housing Assistance

The Division of Developmental Disabilities believes that community living is the cornerstone of an independent, integrated life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In support of this, the Division funds rental subsidies for individuals living in provider-managed settings, as well as those renting from private landlords. 

Individuals who receive a Division rental subsidy are required to contribute a certain amount of their income toward rent.  The remaining rent amount – up to a State-established maximum for the county or zip code – is covered by the rental subsidy, which is paid directly to the provider or landlord. The Supportive Housing Connection administers the Division’s rental subsidies. 


Housing Subsidy Program

Division-funded housing subsidies are available to eligible individuals and distributed through the Supportive Housing Connection. To learn more about the program you can view the pre-recorded Housing Subsidy Program webinar. Information and the eligiblity determination form are below:

Housing Subsidy Program Eligibility Determination Form

How to Find Housing: A Guide for Individuals Who Have Been Approved for an SHC Housing Voucher

Published Rent Standards (October 2022)

Housing Assistance Policy

DDD Rental Subsidy Agreement

Housing Assistance FAQs