Step 2: Apply to become a CHHA


Tips for all CHHA Applicants

Tips for all CHHA Applicants

Check Your Email and Mail

You will receive your criminal history background check fingerprinting instructions via email.  Other correspondence during the application process will be sent by mail or email.  It is imperative for applicants to regularly check their email and mail during the application process.

Criminal History Background Checks

Completion of the criminal history background check is the #1 reason for delays with HHA applications.  Schedule your fingerprinting appointment as soon as you receive your instructions (emailed an average of 1-3 days following online application submission).  Appointments are based on availability. Background check results are provided to the Board by our vendor an average 1-3 weeks from the date of your fingerprint appointment.

Letter of Completion

The Letter of Completion is the #2 reason for delays with HHA applications. Your HHA training program must upload your Letter of Completion, Assessment of Skills, or equivalent as determined by the Board, to the online training program portal.

Promise of Employment

The Promise of Employment is the #3 reason for delays with HHA applications. Your (potential) employer must upload a Promise of Employment to the employer portal and add you to their employee roster.

Previous Criminal History

If you have previous criminal history, your application will require additional review by the Board.

General Processing

The vast majority of this application process and timeline is contingent on applicant action.  Please review correspondence and your application checklist in the online portal for actionable items.  Your application will remain in pending status until all requirements are completed.