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Designation Process

The New Jersey Scenic Byways Program has two formal steps in the designation process. Chapter 4 of the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program Guidebook (pdf 8.9m) details the procedure and will assist interested individuals and organizations with the information needed to successfully apply for becoming a byway.

The application is available in Appendix A of the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program Guidebook. The sponsor must fill out the New Jersey Scenic Byways Application with the required information outlined in this chapter and acquire approval from the agencies with management or regulatory jurisdiction over the byway or its segments. These may include the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), county and/or municipalities. The application identifies the intrinsic quality(s) that characterizes the byway and the byway story. Although each byway might have several of the intrinsic qualities, the sponsor should pick one or two that most prevalently depict the byway. The route chosen should best connect places integral to the intrinsic qualities and the story. The byway story should present the key concept and ideas that give the corridor its unique identity. The byway is intended to offer travelers a distinctive, coherent and authentic experience. The route and destinations should be selected to help travelers recognize what makes the byway special.

The application should be prepared in both a digital and printed format as described in the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program Guidebook. It is recommended that coordination with the New Jersey Scenic Byways Coordinator is done before the final application is sent so that a review of the application for completeness may be done in advance of submitting the final package of material.

Send to:
NJDOT Scenic Byways Coordinator
P.O. Box 600
1035 Parkway Avenue
Trenton, NJ 08625-0600

The submitted nomination will be reviewed by the New Jersey Scenic Byways Advisory Committee who will make a recommendation to the NJDOT Commissioner to approve or disapprove it. Once approved, a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) will be required to be completed within five years of designation.

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