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Upper Freehold

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The 24-mile Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Scenic Byway in Monmouth County captures the unique agricultural, historical, environmental and cultural traditions still visible in the area around Upper Freehold and Allentown.

Visitors who travel the Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Scenic Byway can visit the historic places in the picturesque Borough of Allentown, the pristine farmland of historic Upper Freehold Township, Historic Walnford, the Old Yellow Meeting House and the hamlet of Imlaystown. There are many open spaces to explore including the trails of the Union Transportation Railroad, the Assunpink Wildlife Management Area, Clayton Park and the Horse Park of New Jersey. Two golf courses and a winery are also located within the Byway corridor.

The Dutch, English and French Huguenots were some of the earliest Europeans to make their way to this area; in 1683 Monmouth County became one of the original four counties of East New Jersey. During the Revolutionary War this area was held by both the English and the Patriots are various times; and there were several skirmishes that took place within the Byway corridor.

red valley road photo
Red Valley Road

Two historic districts - Allentown and Imlaystown - are located within the Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Scenic Byway corridor as well as two sites that are on the National Register of Historic Places and are open to the public. Additionally, there are numerous other small unincorporated communities developed throughout history located within the corridor. Many of the neighboring farms have been here for multiple generations. These farmers are stewards of New Jersey and take their heritage seriously. Farmland Preservation is a way of preserving these farms for future generations and combines the aspect of historic places with open spaces.

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Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Scenic Byway fast facts:

  • Start at the Presbyterian Church on Route 539 (High Street) and travel northwest.
  • Turn right onto Route 524/539 (Main Street/Old York Road).
  • Continue northeast and turn right onto Route 524 (New Canton-Stone Tavern Road) to Chambers Road and make a right.
  • Travel south on Chambers Road and make another right onto Rues Road.
  • Follow Rues Road to Route 526 (Trenton-Lakewood Road) and make a left.
  • Take Route 526 to Red Valley Road and make a right.
  • Spur to Old Yellow Meeting House - from Route 526 make a left onto Yellow Meeting House Road and travel north until Old Yellow Meeting House on left.
  • Follow Red Valley Road to Route 27 (Burlington Path Road) making another right.
  • Follow Route 27 as it turns left and its local name changes to Holmes Mill Road.
  • Follow Route 27 (Holmes Mill Road) and turn right onto Arneytown-Hornerstown Road.
  • Follow Arneytown-Hornerstown Road to Hill Road and turn right again. Travel north on Hill Road.
  • At the intersection of Waln’s Mill Road (Walnford Road) turn right and cross over Crosswicks Creek on the old iron bridge.
  • Turn right off of Walnford Road onto Polhemustown Road.
  • Take Polhemustown Road and make a right onto Holmes Mill Road.
  • Follow Holmes Mill Road to Walnford Road and make another right. These two sections of Walnford Road were once connected.
  • Follow Walnford Road until it deadends at the Walnford Mill.
  • To complete the loop go back out to Holmes Mill Road and make a left. Go straight at the intersection with Polhemustown Road where Holmes Mill Road becomes Route 559 (Allentown-Davis Station Road) and takes you back into Allentown.
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Batsto Pleasant Mills
United Methodist Church
old yellow meeting house photo
Old Yellow Meeting House

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