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Logo Guidelines

The New Jersey Scenic Byway logos are a family of related images used for identifying the individual byways during wayfinding, site marking, interpretation, marketing and promotion. They were created to be distinct representations of each byway yet a readily unifying visual and graphic brand for the entire group of byways in New Jersey. Each scenic byway logo has a unique combination of colors, images and words that are symbolic of a key characteristic or feature that represents the byway. These characteristics distinguish the logo signs from all other signs along the byways and are instantly recognizable. More information is available on the color and fonts required for the byways in Chapter 3 of the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program Guidelines for the Development of Scenic Byways Signage (pdf 1.9m).

In order to maintain the one over-arching identity for New Jersey's Scenic Byways and yet to allow each byway the opportunity to create a logo that is special to its byway, there are a set of brand identification rules that apply when designing the logos. These components were developed to create a recognizable, consistent and memorable graphic identity for the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program and therefore to allow the byway visitor an easy method for recognizing the New Jersey Byways. While each byway has a unique stand-along graphic, they share graphic and typographic characteristics designed to unite them as a family of logos within New Jersey's brand. Consistency in the color palette and arrangement of colors helps to identify the brand. Therefore, there shall be no exceptions to these rules in order to keep the brand exclusive and distinctive to the byways:

  • Actual logos shall be square with a brown border. When used with the name of the byway, the font shall be Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Series C, be white and be in capital letters. The New Jersey Scenic Byway logo shall be located below the name of the byway followed by the words Scenic Byway in gold capital letters. A tan line shall separate the name of the byway from the bottom line.
  • Logos are to be of a deliberately simple detail so as to read well at all scales of print and to be intentionally easy to read along the roadway from a moving vehicle.
  • The main elements are usually in silhouette and each sign has water, land, and sky in the design.
  • The logos are purposefully limited to six colors so that the combination is recognizable and consistent. The six colors are: gold, brown, tan, dark green, light green and blue.
  • Although it is preferred to use all six colors when designing a byway logo it is not required.
  • Substitutions or additions of colors other than the six colors listed are not allowed in order to keep the identification of the brand true. Each sign is a representation of it's byway attributes and should not be in exacting detail.
  • When developing a logo the first goal is to identify unique places, occupations, historical events, geographic or environmental attributes like plants, flowers, animals etc. of the area that is distinguishing from each other scenic byways in New Jersey and other neighboring states. This might be a well-known or visited monument, historical building or park, unique land features or destination along this route. One or more of these unique features will ultimately be translated into the unique logo that is landscape in nature. The sky of the graphic shall always be gold representing a dawn/dusk time of day. The colors of brown, tan, dark green, light green gold and blue exclusively shall be used to depict the buildings, environmental attributes and land features.
  • Approval of the logo must be obtained from the NJDOT Scenic Byways Program Coordinator before it can be used as a representation of the byway.
  • Logos cannot be used in connection with any obscene or pornographic materials or in connection with any product, service, person or entity that is disparaging, defamatory or libelous to NJDOT or the NJDOT Scenic Byways Program.
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