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Corridor Management Plan

A Corridor Management Plan (CMP) is an important tool that outlines the vision, goals and strategies to preserve, protect, enhance and promote the byway. It specifies priority actions necessary to advance the byway and assigns responsibility for implementing recommendations. The plan includes an inventory of the existing route, long term management and maintenance recommendations, view shed management (including land use), economic benefits, funding needs and sources and any other relevant information. More information about the process for preparing this document can be found in Chapter 4 of the New Jersey Scenic Byways Program Guidebook (pdf 8.9m)

Development of a CMP is an open process for engaging all stakeholders in drafting a guiding document for the byway corridor that reflects a collective vision and the framework for achieving that vision. Building and achieving the support and commitment of many individuals, organizations and agencies along the byway is a critical component in achieving a successful byway. Therefore, a resolution of support for the designated CMP and byway implementation must be endorsed by the agencies with jurisdiction over the byway's designated roadways, such as a municipality, county, state or regional authority. It is important to get letters of support from the municipalities and counties located along the byway that do not have jurisdiction over the byway route.

The New Jersey State Scenic Byways Committee will review and possibly make recommendations for revisions to the management plan that is subsequently sent to the NJDOT Commissioner for final approval.

Following approval, NJDOT will provide Scenic Byway signs for placement along the route and it is designated on state maps. The overall state byways program is subject to continuous review and revision to enable new byways and information to be incorporated into the state program. Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in de-designation.

Last updated date: August 26, 2019 12:46 PM