Department of Transportation


March 2019
This is an elevation view of the completed superstructure replacement for the WB Bay Bridge. All railing and lighting elements have been installed, and the work zone has been cleared.

This picture shows the last span of the completed superstructure replacement for the WB Bay Bridge. At this northeast corner of the bridge, scour countermeasures have been installed in the form of concrete block mattresses. These mattresses were detailed to include a flattened area more suitable for pedestrians where fishing access is popular.

This picture shows the deck surface of the completed WB Bay Bridge. The deck utilizes galvanized steel and high performance concrete to promote a long service life. Bridge parapets and railings can be seen, and a sidewalk is provided beyond the bridge traffic railing. This allows pedestrians to be safely isolated from the highway traffic.

This picture shows the completed new EB Bay Bridge (left) with a prestressed concrete girder superstructure sitting on new piers side by side with its twin, the reconstruction of the WB Bay Bridge (right) with a steel superstructure sitting on existing piers. Steel beams were used on the WB bridge to avoid overloading the existing piers, since steel is lighter than concrete beams. Measures were taken during design to develop similar features, while upgrading to the current standards for new construction. Pier geometry is similar for the two structures, and the new painted steel girders for the WB Bay Bridge were colored to match the concrete beams for the EB Bay Bridge.

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