Department of Transportation


June 2018
This picture demonstrates the installation of the corrugated stay-in-place metal sheets used to form the bottom surface of the rehabilitated bridge's new concrete deck. The galvanized sheet metal spans between the interior steel girders and supports the weight of the wet concrete until it hardens and gains strength.

This picture shows a block-out provided within the metal stay-in-place forms which will be the location of a future manhole and electrical service maintenance platform. The twin bay bridges carry several critical electrical utilites to the island. Due to the length of the bridge, the utility owners require intermittent access points so that the cable can be pulled through the bridge supports, while also providing access for emergency maintenance in the future should the need arise. The maintenance platform will be installed below the bridge deck and near the bottom of the steel girders. These considerations included during the design of the bridges will allow for improved service for the local communities.

This eastward view of the westbound structure shows the galvanized reinforcement steel placed for the new bridge deck. Galvanized steel is used to reduce corrosion and extend the life of the bridge’s riding surface. The reinforcement steel provides the additional strength needed for the concrete to withstand the tension forces on the bridge deck caused by traffic.

This picture shows a section of the concrete deck being poured and finished by the construction crew. The finishing machine is used to smooth out the concrete to the proper cross slopes and geometry required for a proper riding surface when the concrete hardens. Prior to placing fresh concrete, a dry run is performed with the finishing machine to confirm the reinforcement is located properly and the appropriate deck configuration will be achieved.

This photo shows a section of newly installed sidewalk along the bulkhead at the west end of the Hilliards Thorofare Bridge. Within the project limits, sidewalk connectivity and waterfront access improvements are being installed. Along the north side of the manmade island, over 1,300 feet of new sidewalk and pedestrian railings will be provided.

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