Department of Transportation

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The first phase of the Liberty Corridor includes ten projects that reflect the Corridor's objectives, and generate economic benefits for the nation, the state and the regions. While the individual projects in Phase I produce independent benefits, the cumulative benefits of all the projects are even greater. Phase I will:

  • make critical connections and separate traffic flows to bring underutilized and brownfield properties into productive use;
  • separate freight and passenger traffic to allow diverse land uses, such as ports, warehouses, retail complexes, and hotels, to coexist and thrive;
  • enhance access to innovative projects by assisting research institutions and firms focused on emerging technologies to attract workers and develop products, which will benefit the nation and, as exports, the global marketplace; and
  • clear chokepoints in the surface transportation system to sustain the competitiveness of one of the nation's largest ports as an efficient and effective means of moving goods internationally, nationally and regionally.

For the nation, the strategic investments made through the Liberty Corridor Phase I projects translate into more reliable and competitive means for developing businesses. Locally and nationally, the Corridor will support innovation and ensure that we have a multimodal system for the global economy.

For New Jersey, the Phase I projects represent a blend of transportation and economic development efforts that will translate into a diverse range of new job opportunities, productive reuse of underutilized brownfield sites and increased tax revenues for municipalities and the state. Equally important, the economic benefits generated by the Phase I projects build on the value created by the significant past, present and future private and public investments in the Liberty Corridor area.

Last updated date: September 25, 2019 10:32 AM