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National Docks Rail Clearance

Project description:
The National Docks project improves vertical clearances on two tunnels on the Conrail railroad route between the Port of New York and New Jersey and the CSX mainline serving the United States rail network. The Bergen and Waldo tunnels currently limit the height of Intermodal container trains to 19 feet, 2 inches. The improvements will pass industry standard intermodal container trains of 20 feet, 2 inches in height.

Jersey City in Hudson County

Transportation modes:
Rails, Ships, Container Trains, Trucks

The National Docks Rail Clearance Project's role in the Liberty Corridor sustains and grows the port's and the region's abilities to competitively move and receive products by increasing the vertical clearances on two rail tunnels that connect New Jersey to the rest of the North American rail system.

Related to economic development, the National Docks Rail Clearance project supports private investment in maritime terminals at Port Newark and Port Elizabeth.

An innovative aspect of the project is that it enhances an existing rail connection to provide an alternative to trucks for moving containers short and long distances.

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Total project cost:
$24 million

Funding partnerships:
The Liberty Corridor will provide $12 million, or half of the expenditure, and will accelerate the state date of the project's construction. The CSX Railroad will provide the remaining $12 million.

Project lead:
New Jersey Department of Transportation

Last updated date: September 25, 2019 1:35 PM