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Tremley Point Connector Road

Project description:
The Tremley Point Connector Road provides access from the New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 12 through Carteret, NJ, over the Rahway River, and into Tremley Point in Linden, NJ.

Carteret in Middlesex County and Linden in Union County

Transportation modes:
Trucks, Passenger vehicles

The Tremley Point Connector Road's role in the Liberty Corridor provides direct access between the New Jersey Turnpike and Tremley Point, a strategic site of approximately 400 acres of brownfields in southeastern Union County near Port Newark and Port Elizabeth.

Related to economic development, the Tremley Point Connector Road:

  • provides direct Turnpike access to Tremley Point in Union County and the Carteret International Trade and Logistics Center (I-Port 12) Development in Middlesex County two designated portfields' sites.
  • facilitates development of more than six million square feet of industrial space and approximately 2,000 new jobs.

Innovative aspects of the Tremley Point Connector Road are that the project:

  • supports the redevelopment of brownfields.
  • encourages the potential development of Tremley Point as a multimodal freight village that also involves rail, barging and value-added warehouses and distribution centers.

Total project cost:
$92 million

Funding partnerships:
The Liberty Corridor will contribute $10 million or 12% of the funding for the Connector Road, and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority will provide the remaining $82 million. The Authority is also investing $155 million to improve congestion problems at Interchange 12 and is funding the anticipated new development in the surrounding area. SAFETEA-LU will fund $2.2 million for the High Priority Project to develop access to I-Port 12.

Project lead:
New Jersey Turnpike Authority

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