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Route 35/36 - Eatontown

Project description:
The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will improve access to the area currently serving as Fort Monmouth, via Route 35/36. The base is scheduled to closure, with replacement by private sector enterprises.

Eatontown in Monmouth County

Transportation modes:
Passenger vehicles

The Route 35/36 Project's role in the Liberty Corridor:

  • improves access to Fort Monmouth via Route 35/36 in Eatontown, Monmouth County.
  • migrates high technology/innovation companies and workforce at Fort Monmouth to private sector enterprise and advances New Jersey's expertise and business in these growth industries.
  • builds on our unique concentration of high technology resources.

Related to economic development, the Route 35/36 Project allows public and private investment and support to shift its high technology and research businesses and workforce to private sector enterprises, if this military base closes.

Innovative aspects of the Route 35/36 Eatontown Project will preserve and enhance our high technology resources and businesses.

Total project cost:
$22.85 million

Funding partnerships:
The Liberty Corridor will provide $15 million; federal funding will provide $3.9 million; and the NJDOT Transportation Trust Fund will provide $3.5 million.

Project lead:
New Jersey Department of Transportation

Last updated date: September 25, 2019 2:21 PM