Entry-Level Public Safety Titles

Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination (LEE)

The LEE (Law Enforcement Examination) refers to the method by which residents interested in an entry-level law enforcement position with a New Jersey civil service jurisdiction can become eligible for employment.  “Announcements” are posted on the N.J. Civil Service Commission (CSC) website, alerting the public that applications are being accepted for certain job titles for certain jurisdictions.  These announcements inform the public of which particular job titles (such as Police Officer, Parole Officer, etc.) in which particular jurisdictions (a specific county, local municipality, or State agency) a person may apply for.  By clicking on an individual announcement, interested persons can learn of the applicant requirements (such as age or education), the application deadline, and other helpful information.  To be considered for employment, a person must first apply for an announcement by completing the online application, submitting any required payment, and receiving confirmation that the application was submitted.  Everyone who is determined to have fulfilled all requirements to take the exam will be scheduled to take the written multiple-choice exam administered at various test centers throughout the State on particular dates.  Those who pass the exam are placed on the eligibility list corresponding to the announcement for which they applied.  Candidates receive a score and a rank on each list and may then be hired by the agency for which they applied after going through the certification process.


NEW! Information for the Law Enforcement Examination (LEE)

NOTE: The 2024 LEE Announcements will go live at midnight on March 1, 2024.

The application filing period for the 2024 LEE is March 1 - April 1, 2024.  The test is expected to be administered Summer 2024.

2024 Entry-Level Law Enforcement Examination (LEE) Announcements - This page contains all the current announcements for the 2024 LEE. The LEE announcements will have a closing date of April 1, 2024.

•  2024 Entry-Level Law Enforcement (LEE) FAQ - This page contains answers to several frequently asked questions pertaining to the 2024 LEE.

•  2024 LEE Fact Sheet - This sheet contains information about the 2024 LEE examination process. 

•  2024 LEE Administration Guide - This guide helps candidates prepare for what to expect on the day of the exam.

•  Address Change Sheet - This sheet explains the steps necessary for a candidate to change their address and includes a link to the CSC Change of Candidate Information Form.

•  Municipal Police Officer Maximum Hiring Age Information Sheet - This sheet explains the exceptions for candidates over 35 years of age who are applying for Municipal Police Officer.

•  Veteran's Information - This page explains Veteran's Preference rules as well as information about how to ensure credit for veteran status.


Entry-Level Firefighter Examination

Applicants interested in becoming a firefighter will need to apply for and take the entry-level firefighter written examination and at-time-of-certification physical performance test (PPT). Lists for the current cycle were released on April 20, 2023. Candidates can view their scores using the link below.

Entry-level Firefighter FAQ

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