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Department of Community Affairs

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New Jersey Guide to Affordable Housing

(updated March 16, 2022)

Introduction - How to Use the Guide

This Guide to Affordable Housing lists income-restricted affordable housing units for rent and for sale in New Jersey.  Affordable housing comes in different varieties, so becoming knowledgeable about housing programs can help in your search. Most of the developments are funded by the federal government or state programs.

This Guide lists affordable housing by county and municipality. Each entry identifies the name of the development, the street address, information on whether the unit is for rent or sale, and housing type. The housing programs in this Guide are shown in the table below.

There are three housing types. “Family” housing is open to those who meet income requirements. “Age” refers to age-restricted housing for individuals 55 years and older or 62 years and older.“Special” refers to special-needs housing and includes veterans housing, homeless shelters, and group homes for the developmentally disabled.

For most of the units, a contact is listed. This can be an owner, developer, or property manager, public agency, church group, or other nonprofit organization. Agents should have information on the requirements for living in the affordable development. The last column shows the program or programs that fund or regulate the development. 

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