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Isaac Pearson House

Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Capital Level I
Grant Award: $50,000 (2018); $126,531 (2021); $150,000 (2022)
Grant Recipient: Historical Society of Hamilton Township, Inc.
County: Mercer
Municipality: Hamilton

Constructed in 1773, the Isaac Pearson House has both local and architectural significance. The house was built in the Georgian style with its emphasis on symmetry both of the interior and exterior. The house was built by Isaac Pearson, an interesting American Revolutionary figure whose political persuasions and murder at the hands of the Continental Army still pose unanswered questions for local historians. Both the building materials and size of the house were meant to express Pearson’s wealth and status in the community. The house stayed in the Pearson family for nearly a century after Isaac Pearson’s death in 1776. After 1857, the property changed hands several times until 2000 when Hamilton Township purchased it.   

The 2022 Trust grant will help fund the restoration and rehabilitation of the north and south facing exterior façades and window openings.

The 2021 Trust grant will help fund the replacement of the cedar shake roof in-kind, repair of the chimneys, and structural stabilization of the first floor. The 2018 Trust grant helped fund the preparation of a preservation plan, an exterior stabilization plan with mortar analysis and construction documents, and a heritage tourism assessment.   

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