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New Jersey Historic Trust Affiliated with the Department of Community Affairs

Abbott Farm National Historic Landmark District

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grants
Grant Award: $50,000 (2007); $46,875 (2010)
Grant Recipient: Mercer County Park Commission
County: Mercer
Municipality: Hamilton, Trenton, Bordentown

The Abbott Farm National Historic Landmark District is significant for its history, natural history and archaeology during the prehistoric and industrial periods.  It is named for 19th century archaeologist Charles Conrad Abbott, whose research spawned new investigation and discussion of archaeology, geology and anthropology.  The District encompasses several communities and includes open space and park land owned by municipal, county, state and federal entities, institutions, corporations, nonprofit organizations and private homes and businesses. Some of the historic resources are existing buildings that could be open to or interpreted to the public.

The 2007 grant helped fund the preparation of an Interpretation Plan for the district that made recommendations for developing the District as a heritage and eco-tourism destination. The 2010 grant helped fund the creation of a logo, branding strategy, and design standards to complement the opening of a new nature educational center in 2014.

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