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Abel Nicholson House

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Capital Preservation Grant, Level I
Grant Award: $49,730 (2004); $42,027 (2006)
Grant Recipient: Salem Old House Foundation
County: Salem
Municipality: Elsinboro Township

The Nicholson House, designated a National Historic Landmark, is an extraordinarily intact example of the 18th century patterned brick house distinctive for the checkerboard patterned brick on three elevations, and diamond-pattern and "1722" on the east gable elevation. The house has not been modified to accommodate heat or electricity, and retains a high level of integrity to the interior. The 1859 addition also retains its architectural integrity. Moreover, the house and its site are also noteworthy for their associations with the locally prominent Nicholson family and with the Quaker settlement in Salem County

The 2006 Trust grant helped fund the installation of non-invasive fire detection and suppression equipment at this isolated site.  The previous Trust grant helped fund repointing of bedding mortar that will stabilize the patterned brick. The New Jersey Historic Trust holds an easement on the Nicholson House, which protects the building from inappropriate changes to its historic appearance and materials.

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