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Christ Episcopal Church, Shrewsbury

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Preservation Bond Program
Capital Preservation Grant, Level I
Grant Award: $315,348 (1997); $50,000 (2006)
Grant Recipient: Christ Episcopal Church, Shrewsbury
County: Monmouth
Municipality: Borough of Shrewsbury

Christ Episcopal Church was designed by renowned Colonial architect Robert Smith of Philadelphia. It is one of five surviving Smith designed churches, and one of only two frame churches. The structure is an excellent example of mid-eighteenth century Philadelphia Georgian architecture adapted to local building traditions.

The 2006 Trust grant helped fund the restoration of five of the most severely deteriorated stained glass windows, including wood frame repair. A previous grant helped fund structural stabilization and exterior restoration, including slate roof replacement, repointing and reinforcement of the stone foundation wall, repairs and replacement of the heavy timber frame (sills and floor joists), and repair and correction of the condition which caused the failure of the original Smith designed roof trusses.

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