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Christoffel Vought Farmstead

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $30,000 (2010)
Grant Recipient: 1759 Vought House, Inc.
County: Hunterdon
Municipality: Clinton Township

The Vought House was constructed in 1759, for the Vought family, prosperous farmers and prominent members of the community. The Voughts, however, were Loyalists to Britain during the revolution and in 1778 their farmstead was seized and the family fled to Nova Scotia. The heavy timbered construction and stucco-covered building follows a German bank house design. The building is a remarkable example of its type with unusual construction methods and rare German folk plasterwork on four of its interior ceilings.

When the farmstead was threatened with demolition by the Clinton Township School Board, public outcry resulted in its preservation. The property will be protected by a preservation easement and ownership by the nonprofit 1759 Vought House Inc.

The Trust grant funded the preparation of a prioritized condition assessment and development of a vision plan for the future use of the building.

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