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Georgian Court University

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Capital Preservation Grant Level II
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $64,675 (1990); $553,000 (1996); $227,428 (1997); $168,723 (2000); $50,000 (2005)
Grant Recipient: Georgian Court University
County: Ocean
Municipality: Lakewood

At the turn of the century, Lakewood was one of the most fashionable winter resorts in the United States. Architect Bruce Price designed the Georgian Court estate for millionaire George Jay Gould in 1899-1902. Since 1924, the estate has been home to a liberal arts university, which maintains many notable features of the original estate including the Casino Building, which once sheltered an enclosed polo court, tennis and squash courts, swimming pool, ballroom, three-lane bowling alley and guest rooms. The mansion and related estate buildings are complimented by an elaborate 152-acre landscape plan, also designed by Price. The axial nature of the Italian Gardens, which terminate with a sunken lagoon, was inspired by the gardens at Versailles.

The 2005 Trust grant helped fund a comprehensive existing conditions assessment of the historic core of buildings and landscape for the campus. The assessment made recommendations for maintaining the campus' historic character while continuing growth and expansion of the university's program. Previous Trust grants help fund restoration of the Court Tennis Court in the Casino Building, repairs to the monumental fence and gateways surrounding the former estate, replacement of the original skylights in the Casino and partial restoration of the masonry surrounding the impressive sunken lagoon, which was part of Price's landscaping plan for the estate.

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