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Hardenburgh Avenue Bridge

New Jersey Historic Preservation Bond Program
Grant Award: $142,906 (1997)
Grant Recipient: County of Bergen
County: Bergen
Municipality: Demarest Borough

Located in Demarest Park along the banks of the picturesque Tenakill Brook, the Hardenburgh Avenue Bridge represents the only known combination of two early twentieth century bridge building technologies in the state of New Jersey. The earliest portion of the bridge was constructed in 1909 and consists of a brick masonry arch, a technology once widely used for spanning small waterways. In 1911, the bridge was widened via jack arch construction in steel and concrete, a very early use of this technique.

Continuing erosion of the streambed has caused settlement and cracking in the stone bridge abutments and the original brick arch. The award allowed for stabilization of the bridge abutments, repointing and repair of the brick arch, and rebuilding of the stone parapet walls with the original stones.

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