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Historic Speedwell: Waterwheel House

New Jersey Historic Preservation Bond Program
Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund
Capital Level I
Grant Award: $65,225 (1995), $115,000 (2020)
Grant Recipient: Historic Speedwell
County: Morris
Municipality: Morristown

Built in 1829 to power the adjacent Vail Factory, the waterwheel house in Historic Speedwell Village contains one of the last operable overshot waterwheels in New Jersey and is an important reminder of New Jersey's 19th century industrial heritage. The waterwheel house and factory, both National Historic Landmarks, are located on the site of the development of Samuel F.B. Morse's electro-magnetic telegraph in 1838. 

The 2020 Trust grant will help fund restoration of the Vail Factory waterwheel and the wheelhouse at Historic Speedwell Village.The 1995 Trust grant helped fund restoration measures designed to bring the waterwheel back into operation and to allow the re-opening of the waterwheel museum. Historic Speedwell's programs feature exhibits, tours and lectures about 19th century industrial heritage and design. 

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