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Howell Living History Farm (Pleasant Valley Historic District)

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund
Historic Site Mangement Grant
Capital Preservation Grant Level II
Grant Award: $28,453 (2000); $50,000 (2004); $360,830 (2008); $16,875 (2010); $46,937 (2020)
Grant Recipient: Howell Living History Farm; Mercer County Park Com
County: Mercer
Municipality: Hopewell Township

In 1732 Joseph Phillips purchased 125 acres in Mercer County, and his land has been farmed continuously since that time. The Howell Living History Farm was a gift of its last owner, Inez Howell, to the Mercer County Park Commission for the purpose of teaching the children of New Jersey the history of farming. The Henry Phillips House is the domestic centerpiece of the 130-acre farm that is interpreted as a self-sufficient early 20th century family farmstead.  Seasonal programs involve visitors in preparing fields for planting, harvesting, and caring for farm animals.

he 2020 Trust grant will help fund a Historic Structure Report for the Major Henry Phillips House, Howell Living History Farm, Pleasant Valley Historic District. The 2010 grant funded the preparation of a fundraising strategy for work on the Pleasant Valley School and Joseph Philips House, two recent acquisitions. The 2008 Trust grant supported the second phase of rehabilitation for the Henry Phillips House, including installation of new heating and ventilation systems, framing repairs, roof replacement, accessibility improvements and restoration of windows, doors and interior finishes. The house now functions as a period museum. A modern kitchen supports the farm's popular foodways program. The work is part of the recommendations of a Historic Structure Report and a site Master Plan, both funded by previous Trust grants.

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