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Morris Canal: Inclined Plane #10 West

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $45,000 (2009)
Grant Recipient: Warren County Planning Department
County: Warren
Municipality: Lopatcong

The Morris Canal played a crucial role in the industrial development of New Jersey. Begun in 1825, the Canal's 109-mile length extended across New Jersey and it remained in operation until 1924. The use of incline planes enabled the canal to reach elevations that were not possible using the standard lock system. Incline Plane 10 West was completed ca. 1831 and enabled the canal to overcome a forty-four-foot elevation change. Plane 10 West underwent a number of improvements as technologies changed. It most likely reached its final form during the mid nineteenth century. Following the closing of the canal, Incline Plane 10 West remained in private ownership until Warren County's recent purchase.

The Trust grant will help fund an archaeological and conditions assessment of the site that will guide the county's efforts to interpret the site to the public and to protect its archaeological resources.

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