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Lambert Castle

New Jersey Historic Preservation Bond Program
Grant Award: $1,100,000 (1990)
Grant Recipient: Passaic County
County: Passaic
Municipality: Paterson

An outstanding example of Gilded Age opulence, Lambert Castle was built in 1893 by wealthy silk manufacturer, art collector, and amateur architect Catholina Lambert. Now a prominent landmark along Route 80, it survives as a monument to the era of the capitalist tycoon operating unfettered in a laissez-faire economy. The ornate decoration and scale and hilltop location of Lambert Castle stand in pointed contrast to the workers' housing below in Paterson.

The grant funded exterior brownstone restoration and interior preservation of the lavish interiors as well as provision of barrier-free access and life-safety improvements. Lambert Castle is currently used as a history museum, county offices, and a library for local history and genealogy.

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