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Livingston Avenue United Church of Christ

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $50,000 (2012)
Grant Recipient: Greater New Brunswick Daycare Council, Inc.
County: Middlesex
Municipality: New Brunswick

The Livingston Avenue United Church of Christ is listed as a major contributing non-residential building in the Livingston Avenue Historic District and is the only example of the Gothic Revival Style in the Historic District. The style is indicative of the building’s historic association with the German Evangelical Reformed Church, who used the style as an allusion to the Church’s Germanic roots. The Church was constructed in 1929 of rusticated random coursed grey sandstone blocks. The Education Building (Old Parish Hall) is believed to have been built about 5-10 years after the Church. The stone work and slate roof are of the same appearance.

The original slate roof, in addition to the flashing and gutters, is in an advanced state of deterioration, causing significant water ingress that has damaged interior historic finishes and has created a public safety hazard. In the summer of 2012, emergency repairs to stop the water infiltration were completed.

The Trust grant funded the preparation of a conditions assessment and construction documents that will guide slate roof repairs.

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