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Locktown Stone Church

New Jersey Historic Preservation Bond Program
Grant Award: $37,525 (1990); $67,434 (1996)
Grant Recipient: Locktown Stone Church
County: Hunterdon
Municipality: Delaware Township

Nestled within a semi-wooded picturesque hamlet, the Locktown Stone Church exhibits characteristics of an early-19th century vernacular building influenced by Classical architectural sources. Built in 1819, the church allegedly takes its name from a theological rift, when conservative members of the Baptist congregation locked their more progressive pastor and his followers out of the church. The building enjoyed continuous use as a church until it closed in 1967, and is now being restored as a community center and concert space by a volunteer organization.

The 1996 Trust grant helped fund a new roof, interior lighting and heat, and restroom facilities. A previous grant helped fund interior and exterior restoration items.

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