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Morris Canal: Lopatcong Creek

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $29,831 (2010)
Grant Recipient: North Jersey Resource Conservation & Development
County: Warren
Municipality: Lopatcong and Greenwich Townships

Begun in 1825, the Morris Canal was completed to Jersey City in 1836. The Canal's 109 mile length extended across New Jersey and it remained in operation until 1924. The Morris Canal was the highest climbing canal constructed, using incline planes to reach unprecedented heights. The Morris Canal played a crucial role in the industrial development of New Jersey.

The project area is an approximately 1,500-foot section of Lopatcong Creek and Canal and is located between Incline Plane 10 West and Incline Plane 9 West. Incline Planes 9 and 10 West were constructed circa 1831 and enabled the canal to overcome a forty-four-foot elevation change. The incline planes most likely reached their final form during the mid-nineteenth century. Incline Planes 9 and 10 West are approximately two miles apart.

The Trust grant funded a feasibility study and conceptual plans for the alteration of Lopatcong Creek and the restoration of the Morris Canal towpath along the creek. The towpath has been eroded by the Creek's flow over time. The project includes base mapping, hydrology analysis, hydraulics, and archaeological investigations.

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