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Moshe Bayuk House

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Capital Preservation Grant, Level II
Grant Award: $406,744 (2008)
Grant Recipient: Jewish Federation of Cumberland County
County: Salem
Municipality: Pittsgrove Township

The Moshe Bayuk House is associated with the late 19th and early 20th century Alliance Colony. The Alliance Colony was established in 1882, an important Jewish agricultural community founded by Jews fleeing persecution in Russia and Eastern Europe during the 19th century. While many of the original buildings have been lost, the Bayuk House is the last in situ residence associated with the Alliance Colony.  Moshe Bayuk was an early settler in Alliance and was a recognized community and business leader. The house dates to 1897-1899 and has been vacant since the 1960s. The building was deteriorated and slated for demolition until purchased in 2007 by the applicant in anticipation of creating the Alliance Heritage Center. While the applicant provided emergency stabilization in early 2008, the building remains in poor condition.


The Trust grant will help fund the exterior restoration and the interior rehabilitation of the Bayuk house. The restored building will house the organization’s offices and serve as the headquarters for the Alliance Heritage Center.

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