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Monmouth Battlefield State Park: Rhea-Applegate Farmstead

New Jersey Historic Preservation Bond Program
Grant Award: $150,000 (1990)
Grant Recipient: New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry
County: Monmouth
Municipality: Freehold

The Battle at Monmouth marked the emergence of the Continental Army as a professional force. On June 28, 1778, fresh from VonSteuben's training at Valley Forge, the Continental Army fought its largest, longest battle. After a confused morning, General George Washington steadied his troops and defeated the British Army. Three farmhouses survive that witnessed the battle. Of these, the Rhea-Applegate Farmhouse is the most significant. It was used as a landmark in setting up American defensive positions.

The earliest portions of the building date to 1745. The farmhouse is also significant because it exemplifies a building type that developed in central New Jersey through the melding of British and Dutch building traditions. In particular, the framing system and interior finishes represent an amalgamation of these two cultures.

The Trust grant helped fund emergency stabilization of the farmhouse, which will be part of the interpretative program at Monmouth Battlefield State Park.

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