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Roebling Historic District

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $49,982 (2008); $36,415 (2018); $15,155 (2021)
Grant Recipient: Roebling Museum
County: Burlington
Municipality: Roebling

In addition to dozens of lesser known structures, the John A. Roebling's Sons Wire Mill produced bridge wire rope and cable for two landmark suspension bridges: the George Washington Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. Originally known as the Kinkora Works of the Roebling Company, this 160 acre factory complex was constructed beginning in 1905 and included the construction of an adjacent planned community for its employees. The village remains as a good example of a company town. 

Following the plant's closure in 1974, the Environmental Protection Agency began a 20-year, $70 million Superfund cleanup of the site. This included $6 million for the rehabilitation of the main gatehouse into a museum. The Roebling Museum is comprised of the rehabilitated gatehouse, the time office building, and the seven-acre mill yard in addition to numerous large artifacts associated with the former mill. 

The 2021 grant will help fund the preparation of an adaptive reuse plan – feasibility study for an immigrant worker house located directly across the street from the main museum. The 2008 Trust grant helped fund the preparation of an interpretive development plan for the seven-acre mill yard and the preparation of a schematic design for restoration of the time office building. The 2018 grant helped fund the design and fabrication of exterior interpretive signage for the mill yard. 

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