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Rogers Locomotive Works Storage Building

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Capital Preservation Grant Level II
Grant Award: $750,000 (2008)
Grant Recipient: New Jersey Community Development Corporation
County: Passaic
Municipality: Paterson

The storage building was constructed ca. 1870 as part of the Rogers Locomotive Works improvements. The Works were a leading manufacturer of railroad locomotives from 1833 to 1919 and one of the largest rail equipment construction sites in the late 19th century. Its surviving buildings are among the most visually prominent and best preserved of the industrial structures within Paterson's Great Falls/Society of Useful Manufactures National Historic Landmark District. A brick building with a wooden truss, the storage facility straddles a canal and is presently unoccupied and in poor condition.

The Trust grant helped fund restoration of the exterior of the storage building and rehabilitation of the interior for use as a conference/visitor center. Work included masonry repairs and repointing, replacing missing windows and doors, creating an interior and installing building systems. The main locomotive works building was rehabilitated as a training center with support from a previous Trust grant.

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