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New Jersey Historic Trust Affiliated with the Department of Community Affairs

St. Mary of the Lakes/Memorial Hall

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Grant Award: $14,561 (2004)
Grant Recipient: Protestant Community Church
County: Burlington
Municipality: Medford Lakes

The Borough of Medford Lakes began as a planned summer resort, dating from 1927, with all buildings constructed of logs. In keeping with the rustic character of the community, St. Mary of the Lakes Roman Catholic Church, one of the earliest buildings of the community, was constructed of cedar logs in 1931. The Catholic community eventually outgrew the building, and it was given new use as the activities building for the Protestant Community Church across the street.

There is an on-going problem with spreading roof trusses that threatens the structural integrity of the building. This grant will fund a preservation plan to form the basis for its restoration and maintenance. The plan will also address the stability of the roof framing and foundation.

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