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Sybil's Cave

Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund
Historic Site Management Grant
Grant Award: $15,750 (2009)
Grant Recipient: Hoboken Historical Museum & Cultural Center
County: Hudson
Municipality: Hoboken

Sybil's Cave is the oldest man-made structure in Hoboken, created in 1832 by the Stevens Family as a folly on their property that contained a natural spring. By the mid-19th century the cave was a recreational destination within walking distance from downtown Hoboken. When the Stevens' family property became Stevens Institute, the cave became property of the Institute and was periodically opened to the public in the early 20th century. By the late 20th century the building had been covered in debris. In 2007 the cave was rediscovered and cleared by the City of Hoboken. With limited research, the City erected a new cast stone arch and fence that marks the cave, but prevents entry.

The 2009 Trust grant helped fund an archaeological investigation to provide more information about the cave's construction, a preservation plan to identify future repair priorities and an evaluation of tourism potential for this unique urban historic resource.

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