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Family Preservation Service (FPS) is an intensive, in-home crisis intervention and family education program, primarily used for families with children at imminent risk of abuse, neglect, or out-of-home placement. Families preparing to be reunified with their children are also eligible for FPS. This program is exclusively offered to families involved with Child Protection and Permanency who meet eligibility criteria.

FPS Counselors are specially trained to provide a combination of counseling and concrete services to the family for a period of four to eight weeks to achieve the identified goals.  Counselors may support a maximum of two families at a time to ensure services are tailored, comprehensive and provide the appropriate level of support to caregivers and their children. Services are typically provided in the family’s home and may also occur within the community.

Family Preservation Services are a nationally recognized service provider and have been for over 30 years. Successful outcomes of families who participate in Family Preservation Services include; children remain safely in their homes, incidents of repeated maltreatment are decreased, and reunifications from resource care are supported.  The program’s successful outcomes are reviewed at least annually and made available to the public.


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