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Welcome to the Radiation Protection Element

The Radiation Protection Element has an important mission: protecting radiation workers and the public from unnecessary exposure to radiation. The Element Staff takes great pride in its many and diverse efforts to fulfill this mission. The Element is nationally recognized and is staffed with experts in health physics, engineering, emergency response planning, radiation physics and other diverse backgrounds. We continuously seek ways to improve our programs, procedures and technology for the benefit of New Jersey citizens.

The Element consists of three bureaus:

  • Bureau of Environmental Radiation which is responsible for the licensing and inspection of radioactive material users, decommissioning and clean-up of radioactively contaminated sites and implementation of the radon certification program for measurement and mitigation businesses and testers.

  • Bureau of Nuclear Engineering which is responsible for radiological emergency preparedness to protect the public in the event of a nuclear emergency and environmental monitoring of the environs surrounding New Jersey’s nuclear power plant sites.

  • Bureau of X-Ray Compliance which is responsible for registering and inspecting all x-ray machines and licensing all radiation technologists performing x-ray and nuclear medicine studies in New Jersey.

Patrick Mulligan
Assistant Director

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