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APHL Conference 2023:

2023 Poster session PHLS Part I

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Laboratory Outreach

The Laboratory Outreach Program (LOP), is responsible for enhancing and developing relationships with both internal and external partners through collaborative planning, educational programs, training and other methods, to facilitate development of an integrated public health/private sector laboratory network. This program, in collaboration with the Association for Public Health Laboratories (APHL), develops and coordinates training programs for clinical and public health laboratories on topics of medical, scientific and regulatory significance, which directly impact public health practice. Additionally, the LOP provides members of the New Jersey Laboratory Response Network (LRN), a statewide network of comprehensive microbiology laboratories, a mechanism for rapid exchange of information regarding their role in emergency.

Laboratory Response Network

Internship Program

The Public Health and Environmental Laboratories (PHEL) Internship Program provides opportunities for graduate and undergraduate college students in public health, computer and information science, chemistry, biology, technology and other majors to expand their knowledge, skills and work experience through participation in project-based internships. Intern projects are defined in collaboration with the selected internship candidate, the PHEL mentor, and, if proposed as a Capstone project (or taken for credit), with the candidate’s college advisor. Student projects are typically completed onsite, with a minimum of 225 hours, over a minimum 10-week period. Capstone projects may require more time, depending upon the academic institution’s requirements. PHEL works with each intern to establish an optimal schedule for the project. Students are provided access to the campus, free parking, computer access, workspace and opportunities to participate in a range of PHEL activities.  

During the internship, the intern may be given opportunities to work with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in public health, molecular microbiology, environmental science and chemistry, health policy development and/or administration. Interns will gain an appreciation for the range, scope and depth of PHEL operations. These include aspects of laboratory testing in support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New Jersey Department of Health - Communicable Disease Service, Family Health Services, STD/HIV and TB services, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, law enforcement, local health departments, hospitals as well as other public health and private sector agencies.

For Internship Related Questions Please Contact: Internship Coordinator Susan.Mikorski@doh.nj.gov

Internship Applications


To apply for a Fall 2023 PHEL Internship Click Here


Important Note:

Applications are not considered complete, and will not be reviewed,
until a resume and current transcirpt, have been received by email.

Please forward resume and transcript to susan.mikorski@doh.nj.gov

Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received. There are
limited internship slots available and the selection is competitive. 

Successful candidates will be contacted by telephone for an interview.


Last Reviewed: 8/2/2023