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New Jersey Long-Term Care Ombudsman

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The New Jersey State Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO)  advocates for residents by investigating allegations of abuse, neglect, exploitation, crime and serious bodily injury of individuals living in a long-term care facility. If you (or someone you know) lives in a long-term care facility and has a problem or concern, please contact us.

The LTCO investigates, resolves and/or refers complaints to the appropriate agency. By law, callers may remain anonymous and our case files are closed to the public. NOTE: The LTCO is not a first response agency. If a resident of a long-term care facility is at risk of immediate harm, or has been severely injured, please call 911 or the local police department immediately. The types of facilities or programs that are within the jurisdiction of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman include:


  • Adult family care homes
  • Assisted living facilities, residences, and programs
  • Class "C" and "D" boarding homes.
  • Comprehensive personal care homes
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation hospitals and separately licensed comprehensive rehabilitation units within general acute care hospitals
  • Developmental centers
  • Intermediate care facilities
  • Long-term acute care hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Residential healthcare facilities
  • Social day care centers for the elderly and adult medical day care centers
  • Special hospitals
  • The independent living section of continuing care retirement communities
  • Veterans' hospitals

Other hotlines you can call:

The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) licenses and regulates all long-term facilities in New Jersey. Complaints about care and treatment in NJDOH licensed facilities, including nursing homes and assisted living facilities, can also be directed to the NJDOH by calling 1-800-792-9770.

Residents of boarding homes and some Residential Health Care Facilities can also call the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (NJDCA), which licenses and regulates those facilities. The number to call to lodge a complaint with NJDCA is 609-984-1704.

You are encouraged to dial “2-1-1” 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you need help in understanding and finding available assistance services, including services for elderly individuals.

To File a Complaint

Tel.: 1-877-582-6995
Fax: 1-609-943-3479
Online Complaint Form
NJ Long-Term Care Ombudsman
P.O. Box 852
Trenton, NJ 08625-0852

Last Updated: Tuesday, 10/18/22