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Department of the Treasury

Mobile Services for Businesses

Are you looking to cut down on paperwork, save time and find easier ways to ensure your filings are up-to-date with the state? The Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services offers a wide range of mobile and other online self-service applications that cover the entire life-cycle of your business.

Mobile Reminders and Business Watch through our e-government partner, Gov2Go Gov2Go

Mobile Reminders
As a business operating in New Jersey, you’ll benefit from receiving reminders about deadlines for critical public filings and taxes. Our Mobile Reminder service provides automatic updates for these requirements via text, push and email notices straight to your mobile device or computer.


Mobile Business Watch
We’ll help you keep an eye on your business by providing text, push and email notices of any changes to the records you have on file with the state’s commercial registry. For example, amendments that record business name and address changes. Mobile Watch notices will enable you to monitor filing activities and to alert us regarding any suspicious activity for remediation.

You may enroll in Gov2Go automatically after forming your business, after filing an annual report with the state, or directly by visiting Gov2Go.

The state also offers multiple other online services to make compliance with state regulations far easier:

Online Business Formation and Registration
If you’re just starting your business or are an out-of-state firm seeking to conduct business in New Jersey, you can file all of the required formation and registration documents online. Please Visit our Formation and Registration page for an overview of the steps involved and links to the online services that you can use to get up and running quickly.

Web-based Annual Reporting
One of the key compliance events for corporations and LLCs is filing annual reports. These reports list key public information like service-of-process contacts (registered agent information) and the names/addresses of a firm’s officers, directors and managing members. Failure to file the reports for two consecutive years will lead to the revocation/deactivation of your business.

To help you avoid compliance issues, we have streamlined the reporting process by providing a mobile-enabled filing service. Visit the service after receiving a mobile reminder from us or go to the service directly at "add link to annual report filing page."

Automated Amendment and Registration Change Filings
From time to time, you may find it necessary to make changes to your business records. For instance, you may wish to change your business name, adopt trade styles or alternate names, amend your business purpose, modify your firm’s voting provisions, or change your tax/employer profile over the course of time. We’ve developed fully automated services that allow you to accomplish these tasks online. Visit our amendment and change services whenever you need to amend your charter documents or tax/employer registration account.

Web-based Tax/Employer Filing and Payment Services
Tax and employer filings and payment are foundational elements in maintaining your firm’s business privileges and standing as a good corporate citizen. To make filing and payment easy, we offer a wide-range of online services that cover all major taxes and employer contributions, including the quarterly filing cycle for employers. Visit the NJ Division of Taxation to find out what’s available.

Real-time Access to Business Records and Information
As you operate in the commercial sector, you may be called upon to provide proof that you are registered and in good standing with the state. You may also need copies of public documents that you have on file with the state. To assist you in obtaining these key documents and information, we have established on-line, mobile-enabled services that allow you to access business status reports, certified statements of legal standing, proofs of registration and copy work. Visit the business records service page to see the available service options.

Last Updated: Thursday, 09/07/23