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Department of the Treasury

State House Commission


The State House Commission was created in 1953 by the New Jersey Legislature (see P.L.1953, c.85, N.J.S.A. 52:20-1 et seq). The Commission controls the sale and leasing of state owned properties.

Commission Members
By law, the State House Commission shall consist of the Governor, who shall be the presiding officer, the State Treasurer, and the Director of the Division of Budget and Accounting or their designees, or the persons upon whom shall devolve by law the powers, duties and emoluments of said offices respectively, for the time being, and two members of the Senate appointed by the President thereof and two members of the General Assembly appointed by the Speaker thereof, no more than one of either group of two being of the same political party or their alternates. Each alternate for an appointed member shall also be a member of the Senate or General Assembly appointed by the President or Speaker, as appropriate, and shall have full voting powers when required to attend commission meetings. The members of the commission shall serve without pay in connection with all such duties as are prescribed in this chapter. The appointed members of the commission shall serve as members thereof for terms co-extensive with their respective terms as members of the Houses of the Legislature from which they were appointed. Currently the members are:

Governor Philip D. Murphy
Assad Akhter, Senior Director of Government Affairs (first alternate)
Lisa Almeida, Deputy Chief Counsel (second alternate)

Elizabeth Maher Muoio, State Treasurer
Aaron Binder, Deputy State Treasurer (designee)
Jo-Ann Povia, Treasurer’s Office Chief of Staff (alternate)
Lynn Azarchi, Acting Director, Office of Management and Budget, Treasury

Senator Bob Smith
Senator Steven Oroho
Senator Vin Gopal (Alternate)
Senator Michael L. Testa, Jr. (Alternate)

Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty

Assemblyman John DiMaio
Assemblyman Robert J. Karabinchak (Alternate)
Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz (Alternate)

Commission Staff:
Eric D. Brophy (Secretary) 609-292-5535

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