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New Jersey Long-Term Care Ombudsman

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Mandatory Reporting

For LTC facilities:

Mandatory reports should be faxed to 609-943-3479 using the DOH the “Reportable Event Record/ Report”. 

Please include a face sheet for the resident.

Facility should maintain the fax receipt in their records.

Other mandatory reporters should call or email the LTCO at:

Phone: 1-877-582-6995


Facilities continue to be required to notify DOH of mandatory reportable events. In certain circumstances local law enforcement must be also contacted.

Under New Jersey law, certain individuals are legally mandated to report known or suspected instances of abuse, exploitation, crime and serious bodily injury of residents age 60 or older, in long-term care facilities as defined by N.J.S.A.52:27G-2. Any caretaker, social worker, physician, registered or licensed practical nurse, managed care representative, staff or other professional, who, as a result of information obtained in the course of his/her employment, has reasonable cause to suspect or believe that a long-term care consumer is being or has been abused or exploited, shall report such information.

Please note: The Office of the State Long Term Care Ombudsman is not a First Responder.

Mandatory Reports*

Abuse - Reported to the LTCO within 24 hours
Willful infliction of pain, injury, mental anguish (by staff or other residents); unreasonable confinement; or willful deprivation of services.

Exploitation - Reported to the LTCO within 24 hours
Residents' resources used for another person's profit or advantage.

Crime - Reported to local law enforcement and LTCO Immediately but not later than 24 hours
Crime is defined by the law of the applicable political subdivision where a LTC facility is located.  LTC facilities must coordinate with local law enforcement entities to determine what actions are considered a crime.**

Serious Bodily Injury - Reported to local law enforcement and LTCO Immediately but not later than 2 hours
an injury involving extreme physical pain; involving substantial risk of death; involving protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member, organ, or mental faculty; or requiring medical intervention such as surgery, hospitalization, or physical rehabilitation**

*Failure to report in accordance with the dictates of the Mandatory Adult Abuse Reporting Act can result in a fine from this Office in an amount up to $500 per individual and up to $2500 per facility (N.J.S.A. 52:27G-7.1(f)). Please note that these fines are assessed against the individual professional and the facility employing the individual who had the duty to report and failed to do so.

** For more information regarding New Jersey’s laws on criminal offences and serious bodily harm, please refer to NJ Rev Stat § Title 2C—The New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice.

Copies of all facility initiated (non-resident driven) discharge notices shall be provided to the LTCO.

Other Reports Accepted
Any person may report to LTCO any concern regarding health, safety, welfare, or rights of a resident.

Pursuant to N.J.S.A 52:27G-1 et seq; N.J.A.C 17:41-1 et seq; 42 U.S.C. 1301 section 1150B; and 42 CFR Part 483.15

(Please note, there may be additional mandatory reporting requirements or fines under other state and federal laws.)


Last Updated: Thursday, 12/05/19