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Executive Summary
Section 2
     Section 3
     Section 4
     Section 5
     Section 6
     Section 7

Strategy Profiles
1 Land use
     2 Bicycle/Pedestrian
     3 Bicycle/Pedestrian
     4 Bicycle/Pedestrian
     5 Travel Demand
     6 Travel Demand
     7 Transit
     8 Transit
     9 Transit
     10 Transit
     11 Roadway
     12 Roadway
     13 Goods Movement
     14 Roadway
     15 Roadway
     16 Roadway


Press Release

updated 11/05/99

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The NJDOT would also like to identify the people and the consultant team put together for this effort:



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Donna Schmidt (Amerada Hess Corporation)
Whitney Birch(Center for Clean Air Policy
Bill Popko)(City of New Brunswick)
Guy Gaspar (Edison Township)
Jim Tripp (Environmental Defense Fund)
Calvin Edghill (Federal Highway Administration)
Cynthia Furgang (Highland Park Borough)
Steve Chupa (Johnson & Johnson)
Mitchell Newman (K. Hovnanian Co.)
Peter Cantu (Keep Middlesex Moving)
Roberta Karpinecz
(Keep Middlesex Moving)
Steve Wolfe (Menlo Park Mall)
Eric Enderlin(Metuchen Township)
George Ververides (Middlesex County)
Joe Berger (Middlesex Co. Chamber of Commerce)
Richard Brail (Middlesex Co. Transportation Coordinating  Council)
Dianne Brake (MSM Regional Council)
Vince Pedicini (NJ Board of Public Utilities)
Ken Koschek (NJ Department of Environmental Protection)
John C. Allen (NJ Department of Transportation)
Bill Beetle (NJ Department of Transportation)
Bill Feldman (NJ Department of Transportation)
Roman Horodyski (NJ Department of Transportation)
Barbara Lawrence (NJ Future)
Sam Cunningham (NJ Motor Truck Association)
Chuck Newcomb (NJ Office of State Planning)
Alison Demyanovich (NJ Transit)
Linda LaSut (North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority)
Louis Venech (Port Authority of New York/New Jersey)
Ed Lloyd (Rutgers Environmental Law Clinic)
Bob Spear (Rutgering and Transportation Service)
Jane Brady (St. Peters Medical Center)
Janine Bauer (Tri-State Transportation Campaign)
Amy McQueeney (Woodbridge Center)
Carol Hila (Woodbridge Chamber of Commerce)
Tim Dacey (Woodbridge Township)

  The NJDOT would also like to identify the consultant team put together for this effort:

The RBA Group -- Morristown, New Jersey

Helen Neuhaus & Associates, Inc. -- New York, New York

Rivkin Associates -- Bethesda, Maryland

Consolidated Planners Associates -- Elizabeth, New Jersey

Konheim & Ketcham -- Brooklyn, New York

Intermodal Management, Inc. -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Howard/Stein-Hudson -- Boston, Massachusetts

This report was financed by the Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Highway Administration of the US Department of Transportation. The NJDOT is solely responsible for its contents.